I didn’t have a list of pygments lexers and their aliases to use with Jekyll, so I made one. This is current for pygments 1.6 and should hopefully be parsable as YAML.

ABAP: [abap]
ANTLR: [antlr]
ANTLR With ActionScript Target: [antlr-as, antlr-actionscript]
'ANTLR With C# Target': [antlr-csharp, 'antlr-c#']
ANTLR With CPP Target: [antlr-cpp]
ANTLR With Java Target: [antlr-java]
ANTLR With ObjectiveC Target: [antlr-objc]
ANTLR With Perl Target: [antlr-perl]
ANTLR With Python Target: [antlr-python]
ANTLR With Ruby Target: [antlr-ruby, antlr-rb]
ActionScript: [as, actionscript]
ActionScript 3: [as3, actionscript3]
Ada: [ada, ada95ada2005]
ApacheConf: [apacheconf, aconf, apache]
AppleScript: [applescript]
AspectJ: [aspectj]
Asymptote: [asy, asymptote]
AutoIt: [autoit, Autoit]
Awk: [awk, gawk, mawk, nawk]
BBCode: [bbcode]
BUGS: [bugs, winbugs, openbugs]
Base Makefile: [basemake]
Bash: [bash, sh, ksh]
Bash Session: [console]
Batchfile: [bat]
Befunge: [befunge]
BlitzMax: [blitzmax, bmax]
Boo: [boo]
Brainfuck: [brainfuck, bf]
Bro: [bro]
C: [c]
'C#': [csharp, 'c#']
C++: [cpp, c++]
CBM BASIC V2: [cbmbas]
CFEngine3: [cfengine3, cf3]
CMake: [cmake]
COBOL: [cobol]
COBOLFree: [cobolfree]
CSS: [css]
'CSS+Django/Jinja': [css+django, css+jinja]
CSS+Genshi Text: [css+genshitext, css+genshi]
CSS+Lasso: [css+lasso]
CSS+Mako: [css+mako]
CSS+Myghty: [css+myghty]
CSS+PHP: [css+php]
CSS+Ruby: [css+erb, css+ruby]
CSS+Smarty: [css+smarty]
CUDA: [cuda, cu]
Ceylon: [ceylon]
Cheetah: [cheetah, spitfire]
Clojure: [clojure, clj]
CoffeeScript: [coffee-script, coffeescript]
Coldfusion HTML: [cfm]
Common Lisp: [common-lisp, cl]
Coq: [coq]
Croc: [croc]
Cython: [cython, pyx]
D: [d]
DTD: [dtd]
Darcs Patch: [dpatch]
Dart: [dart]
Debian Control file: [control]
Debian Sourcelist: [sourceslist, sources.list]
Delphi: [delphi, pas, pascal, objectpascal]
Diff: [diff, udiff]
'Django/Jinja': [django, jinja]
Duel: [duel, Duel Engine, Duel View, JBST, jbst, JsonML+BST]
Dylan: [dylan]
Dylan session: [dylan-console, dylan-repl]
DylanLID: [dylan-lid, lid]
ECL: [ecl]
ERB: [erb]
Elixir: [elixir, ex, exs]
Elixir iex session: [iex]
Embedded Ragel: [ragel-em]
Erlang: [erlang]
Erlang erl session: [erl]
Evoque: [evoque]
FSharp: [fsharp]
Factor: [factor]
Fancy: [fancy, fy]
Fantom: [fan]
Felix: [felix, flx]
Fortran: [fortran]
FoxPro: [Clipper, XBase]
GAS: [gas]
GLSL: [glsl]
Genshi: [genshi, kid, xml+genshi, xml+kid]
Genshi Text: [genshitext]
Gettext Catalog: [pot, po]
Gherkin: [Cucumber, cucumber, Gherkin, gherkin]
Gnuplot: [gnuplot]
Go: [go]
GoodData-CL: [gooddata-cl]
Gosu: [gosu]
Gosu Template: [gst]
Groff: [groff, nroff, man]
Groovy: [groovy]
HTML: [html]
HTML+Cheetah: [html+cheetah, html+spitfire]
'HTML+Django/Jinja': [html+django, html+jinja]
HTML+Evoque: [html+evoque]
HTML+Genshi: [html+genshi, html+kid]
HTML+Lasso: [html+lasso]
HTML+Mako: [html+mako]
HTML+Myghty: [html+myghty]
HTML+PHP: [html+php]
HTML+Smarty: [html+smarty]
HTML+Velocity: [html+velocity]
HTTP: [http]
Haml: [haml, HAML]
Haskell: [haskell, hs]
Hxml: [haxeml, hxml]
Hybris: [hybris, hy]
IDL: [idl]
INI: [ini, cfg]
IRC logs: [irc]
Io: [io]
Ioke: [ioke, ik]
JAGS: [jags]
JSON: [json]
Jade: [jade, JADE]
Java: [java]
Java Server Page: [jsp]
JavaScript: [js, javascript]
JavaScript+Cheetah: [js+cheetah, javascript+cheetah, js+spitfire, javascript+spitfire]
'JavaScript+Django/Jinja': [js+django, javascript+django, js+jinja, javascript+jinja]
JavaScript+Genshi Text: [js+genshitext, js+genshi, javascript+genshitext,
JavaScript+Lasso: [js+lasso, javascript+lasso]
JavaScript+Mako: [js+mako, javascript+mako]
JavaScript+Myghty: [js+myghty, javascript+myghty]
JavaScript+PHP: [js+php, javascript+php]
JavaScript+Ruby: [js+erb, javascript+erb, js+ruby, javascript+ruby]
JavaScript+Smarty: [js+smarty, javascript+smarty]
Julia: [julia, jl]
Julia console: [jlcon]
Kconfig: [kconfig, menuconfig, linux-config, kernel-config]
Koka: [koka]
Kotlin: [kotlin]
LLVM: [llvm]
Lasso: [lasso, lassoscript]
Lighttpd configuration file: [lighty, lighttpd]
Literate Haskell: [lhs, literate-haskell]
LiveScript: [live-script, livescript]
Logos: [logos]
Logtalk: [logtalk]
Lua: [lua]
MAQL: [maql]
MOOCode: [moocode]
MXML: [mxml]
Makefile: [make, makefile, mf, bsdmake]
Mako: [mako]
Mason: [mason]
Matlab: [matlab]
Matlab session: [matlabsession]
MiniD: [minid]
Modelica: [modelica]
Modula-2: [modula2, m2]
'MoinMoin/Trac Wiki markup': [trac-wiki, moin]
Monkey: [monkey]
MoonScript: [moon, moonscript]
Mscgen: [mscgen, msc]
MuPAD: [mupad]
MySQL: [mysql]
Myghty: [myghty]
NASM: [nasm]
NSIS: [nsis, nsi, nsh]
Nemerle: [nemerle]
NewLisp: [newlisp]
Newspeak: [newspeak]
Nginx configuration file: [nginx]
Nimrod: [nimrod, nim]
NumPy: [numpy]
OCaml: [ocaml]
Objective-C: [objective-c, objectivec, obj-c, objc]
Objective-C++: [objective-c++, objectivec++, obj-c++, objc++]
Objective-J: [objective-j, objectivej, obj-j, objj]
Octave: [octave]
Ooc: [ooc]
Opa: [opa]
OpenEdge ABL: [openedge, abl, progress]
PHP: [php, php3, php4, php5]
'PL/pgSQL': [plpgsql]
POVRay: [pov]
Perl: [perl, pl]
PostScript: [postscript]
PostgreSQL SQL dialect: [postgresql, postgres]
'PostgreSQL console (psql)': [psql, postgresql-console, postgres-console]
PowerShell: [powershell, posh, ps1]
Prolog: [prolog]
Properties: [properties]
Protocol Buffer: [protobuf]
Puppet: [puppet]
PyPy Log: [pypylog, pypy]
Python: [python, py, sage]
Python 3: [python3, py3]
Python 3.0 Traceback: [py3tb]
Python Traceback: [pytb]
Python console session: [pycon]
QML: [qml, Qt Meta Language, Qt modeling Language]
RConsole: [rconsole, rout]
REBOL: [rebol]
RHTML: [rhtml, html+erb, html+ruby]
RPMSpec: [spec]
Racket: [racket, rkt]
Ragel: [ragel]
Ragel in C Host: [ragel-c]
Ragel in CPP Host: [ragel-cpp]
Ragel in D Host: [ragel-d]
Ragel in Java Host: [ragel-java]
Ragel in Objective C Host: [ragel-objc]
Ragel in Ruby Host: [ragel-ruby, ragel-rb]
Raw token data: [raw]
Rd: [rd]
Redcode: [redcode]
RobotFramework: [RobotFramework, robotframework]
Ruby: [rb, ruby, duby]
Ruby irb session: [rbcon, irb]
Rust: [rust]
S: [splus, s, r]
SCSS: [scss]
SQL: [sql]
Sass: [sass, SASS]
Scala: [scala]
Scalate Server Page: [ssp]
Scaml: [scaml, SCAML]
Scheme: [scheme, scm]
Scilab: [scilab]
Shell Session: [shell-session]
Smali: [smali]
Smalltalk: [smalltalk, squeak]
Smarty: [smarty]
Snobol: [snobol]
SourcePawn: [sp]
SquidConf: [squidconf, squid.conf, squid]
Stan: [stan]
Standard ML: [sml]
Tcl: [tcl]
Tcsh: [tcsh, csh]
TeX: [tex, latex]
Tea: [tea]
Text only: [text]
Treetop: [treetop]
TypeScript: [ts]
UrbiScript: [urbiscript]
VB.net: [vb.net, vbnet]
VGL: [vgl]
Vala: [vala, vapi]
Velocity: [velocity]
VimL: [vim]
XML: [xml]
XML+Cheetah: [xml+cheetah, xml+spitfire]
'XML+Django/Jinja': [xml+django, xml+jinja]
XML+Evoque: [xml+evoque]
XML+Lasso: [xml+lasso]
XML+Mako: [xml+mako]
XML+Myghty: [xml+myghty]
XML+PHP: [xml+php]
XML+Ruby: [xml+erb, xml+ruby]
XML+Smarty: [xml+smarty]
XML+Velocity: [xml+velocity]
XQuery: [xquery, xqy, xq, xql, xqm]
XSLT: [xslt]
Xtend: [xtend]
YAML: [yaml]
aspx-cs: [aspx-cs]
aspx-vb: [aspx-vb]
autohotkey: [ahk]
c-objdump: [c-objdump]
ca65: [ca65]
cfstatement: [cfs]
cpp-objdump: [cpp-objdump, c++-objdumb, cxx-objdump]
d-objdump: [d-objdump]
dg: [dg]
eC: [ec]
haXe: [hx, haXe]
objdump: [objdump]
reStructuredText: [rst, rest, restructuredtext]
reg: [registry]
sqlite3con: [sqlite3]
systemverilog: [systemverilog, sv]
verilog: [verilog, v]
vhdl: [vhdl]